School Project


Experiential training courses

The proposal is mainly, but not exclusively, intended for the last classes of secondary schools (IV and V)

• In an environment beyond the normal school context, this project aims to create the conditions to strengthen the teachings and messages regarding the soft skills that the school already offers today throughout the course of study, transversely to the subjects

• The added value is constituted by the company-type style of the proposed training so as to represent an integration and completion of the education already gained by the children in the school environment

• The context, a structure surrounded by greenery in a beautiful Dolomite valley, is suitable not only to training activities and workshops but also to switch between training moments with recreational and sporting experiences throughout the year (even in winter)

• It can therefore also be configured as a valid alternative to traditional school trips at the end of the school year



Two experiential training courses have been designed, together with a professional coach, Dr. Valeria Forzano, who carries out her activities to companies, also in collaboration with the MIB of Trieste

  • The first course called “teamwork and interaction” is designed to strengthen the team – particularly suitable for a group of athletes or a team
  • The second course, called “listening, communicating, understanding and convincing” is

more focused on internal communication (between the children themselves and therefore homogeneous) and with external interlocutors (inhomogeneous due to cultural background and expectations) – particularly suitable for a group / school class

  • Both programs, thanks to the particular location in which they are carried out, allow and provide both activities and games / experiences, which can be carried out outdoors or inside the structure
  • Both courses are structured on 2 days and designed for a group of maximum 25/30 participants
  • It is also possible to restructure the training activities on a single day, reducing the proposed modules, so that the second day can be more focused on outdoor activities such as excursions in spring / autumn and snowshoeing or skiing in winter. The company may provide its own professional guide for these activities (depending on availability)
  • This option can also allow you to manage larger groups alternating them in training and outdoor activities (every other day)

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